Wednesday Redo: Boring Duds to Brilliant Banner

I know there's a lot of you out there that wouldn't even fathom sifting through the racks and racks of Goodwill garments. 
But, have you ever considered their use for fabric?

Debbie did.

Check out how she created this no sew banner out of her finds over at Refresh Restyle.

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  1. I actually did this for my boys vintage train themed party last year. It was SO much easier/cheaper to buy a bunch of items from the thrift store that were in the color palet of the party than it was to go to a fabric store. I ended up with over 100 feet of pennant banner for the party for only about $5! And THAT is my kind of party supply budget!

  2. I do this all the time. Whenever someone in my family decides to get rid of some clothing, I always determine whether or not the fabric is something I'd like to use in a future project or not. Of course, in the back of my mind I'm thinking I'm a hoarder, but some stuff is just too pretty and useful to discard.

  3. I buy men's dress shirts @ Goodwill to use for the fabric--plus with each shirt I get a handful of buttons to add to my button jar. I've repurposed shirts into shorts for my son and baby bibs for gifts and I'm saving my scraps to try and make a quilt.

  4. Holly,

    Thank you so much for sharing my duds!! They look great over here :). I really appreciate it!!



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