2 Finds I'm Currently Working With

I'll be honest, I don't go to a lot of estate sales. I happened upon this one quite some time ago with Annie and picked up this curvy mirror when I was there. I was pretty happy with 10 bucks.

My eye immediately caught these 2 lamps at my local thrift store a few weeks ago...and you better believe I jumped at the $4 price tag.

2 super great finds.
1 very happy shopper.

What have you found lately?

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  1. I'm on the search for a pair of vintage lamps for my antique wallpaper pasting table! Love them!

    I just scored and posted about my finds at Brimfield!! Whew, now that's a flea market!

  2. Wow, I am in love with your new mirror!! That is so cute and unique.

    I recently found a vintage aqua blue ice crusher for $4. I am using it as decor in my kitchen.. it's cute! Happy Thrifting!!

  3. FAB finds! LOVE the lamps!!

  4. I went thrifting on a whim this week. You can see my finds here:

  5. My car has all sorts of stuff stuffed in it from today's garage sale finds. I'm not even sure what's in there, I lost track after I shoved an old door in the back.


    1. hahaha! Sounds like you might be in the market for a bigger car, Bliss!

  6. love. this. place. found you over at a woman's haven...havin' fun looking through your projects!!
    ♥ much love

  7. OOH! Love all of this! I have yet to find lamps that don't totally suck at any of my thrift stores, so I am jealous!


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