The Nursery is Underway

I'll confess, I was a bit sad to take down our little guest room this week...but, it had a good run. 

It's officially time for a new room...for one tiny, little baby boy.

Michael, yet again, came through for me and gave me the wall color inspiration for the room. However, the particular colors I chose were "Dover White" by Sherwin Williams and for the accent wall, "Oceanside" also by Sherwin Williams. (I will add, the blue looks much more teal in person. I'm afraid my pictures aren't doing it justice.)

Clearly, this is just the first step in the process...but my mind's been churning for quite some time, and I assure you, there's big plans ahead...

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  1. i too will miss your little guest room, but i've gotta admit i'm very excited about the reason it's gotta go :)

  2. What ever changes the room makes, the best one will be adding a baby to it.


  3. I agree with Bliss :) , love the blue, I hope you're doing great !

  4. Oh it looks so so good! Loving the accent wall! Can't wait to see the nursery come together!

  5. Wow!!! In love!! Obviously.

    This looks fantastic. Perfect color choices! Can't wait to see what you do with this space.

  6. The blue looks so good!! Can't wait to hopefully use it soon in our new "transportation" themed big boy room!!


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