A Priceless Painting

I am pretty lucky to have a grandmother that paints...

Growing up, I remember her taking me into her painting studio. She'd set me up on a big stool next to her easel and show me all her fancy brush techniques. I'm no painter, but man, that used to be fun!

It's funny how a lot of times painters have their own distict style.

I could always tell immediately which ones were her paintings. Including this one.

No, this one definitely isn't a thrift find...but instead, one priceless peice of art.

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  1. Yes, you ARE pretty "lucky" - or BLESSED, I would say. What a sweet painting! I hope you have several others of hers :)

  2. Awesome! My grandpa painted a lot, and after he passed at only 58 years old, his paintings went to his four daughters. We think of him every time we look at his paintings.

  3. How special, what a great keepsake. Love the size

  4. Lovely. What a special legacy.


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