Mirror Switch

Okay, so you remember the old mirror from Ross's old nursery...

and the "new" mirror going in...

Now, here it is in place.
Not painted. Rough edged. Perfect match.

I'm definitely not in love with that lamp...and would love to find or do something different. I'd also like to add a bit more to the wall around it...but that's for another post, another time...

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  1. OMG, you're killing me. I bought this exact same mirror from a garage sale a while back when I was at my old house, but I had nowhere for it. So being the anti-packrat that I am, I left it on the curb for someone else to take. Now that I'm in my bigger house, I'm kicking myself. Oh well. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for another one. :-P

    Looks great, btw! Love it!

  2. very cute....target just posted their back to dorms ad...they had some great lamp ideas.


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