Monogrammed Fall Wreath

Maybe you remember the monogrammed embriodery hoop I did several years ago... 
This year I thought it might be fun to change it up and use a wreath instead. So, I used my same burlap monogram from the embroidery hoop (find that tutorial here) and simply attached it to my wreath.

Because it was larger than my wreath (and also very discolored from the sun), I had to make it smaller.

I chose to pin it back rather than cut it, just in case I wanted to put it back in the embriodery hoop again at some point.

After it was pinned, I used a needle and thread and loosely sewed it all the way around the wreath. (I doubled up on the thread to make it thicker and stronger.)

What kind of fun new fall decorations have you made thus far??
Add a link! I'd love to check them out!

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