Oh my. It's stuff like this that makes me wish I lived in a bigger city...I had to share.

Based out of Miami, Thrifter is this cool new shop that's gotta be makin' heads turn! Items that you can purchase will vary from used to new, and priced fairly. Some items are brand names, some are vintage, and some are designer replicas, of which you'll be informed of first, of course.  
How cool are these gold metal bookends!

Or this fabulous branch... (I just saw one almost identical to this in the most recent Pottery Barn catalog.)

If you want to know more about Thrifter, take a sec to check out the "About Us" section of their site. They do more than just sell cool items. Thrifter can also buy items from you to sell, as well as donate many products to charity and support organizations. 
How. cool.

You know I'm all about a thrifter...

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  1. Thanks for this link!! I just bought this awesome studded cuff bracelet. Very very fair price AND shipping cost. This could be dangerous. ;)

    1. Just an FYI...I received the cuff in the mail yesterday -- super fast shipping is a plus. To my disappointment there is a stud missing. The description only said it was used, the photo showed only one side, and it wasn't the side with the stud missing. I'd suggest before making a purchase, if there is only one photo on the listing, to ask questions. But, some things sell quickly or are one of a kind, it makes waiting for answer difficult if you fall for an item. I'm a fan of full disclosure, keeping it real, etc. It's a practice worth it's weight as one would not have to deal with returns or bad press. It makes me think twice about shopping this site again.

  2. I SO understand your plight, Holly! I live in a small city and there is NOTHING insofar as thrift shops available. We have a tiny, dirty Goodwill store and one small consignment shop! We do have a major university here, one would think thrifting would abound. Not so! Thanks for the link

    1. ugh! How frustrating!! Keep your eyes open! You never know what could pop up...and in crazy spots, too!

  3. Holly! we love the post, thank you so much.. Send us your address over through email so we can send you a thank you gift


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