SUPER Easy Lamp Redo

It's that time again! 

Okay, okay...I'll confess I dipped out last month. But, I think I've finally gotten my bearings, and we're back in buisness. Sorry, guys.

So, although we've been staying with Annie these last few weeks (due to the move), it certainly hasn't held me back from thrifting. While at the beach over spring break, in fact, we had a full day of it.
It was pretty, darn fabulous.

Funny, we found this old lampshade ($3)...

and this old lamp base ($25) at the very stame Goodwill.

Annie came up with the bright idea to strip the shade down...

and I decided to paint a few quick stripes on the plastic piece at the neck of the base...

Then, we put it all together.

It looks pretty grand in Annie's room right now...but I have a place in mind at our new house it might look even better... :)

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  1. I would have never thought to paint the neck! What a great idea. You got a steal on that lampshade! I just paid $10 for one!

  2. I am soooo in love with this lamp! Makes me want to run out in search of one right now! And I think I'll be painting stripes on all my lamp's 'necks' too ...

    :) Linda

  3. Love it. And what a great deal on what looks like a solid brass lamp!

  4. This turned out great! I love the lampshade stripped down. I think this project just saved countless old lampshades from being tossed in the trash!

  5. This looks fabulous! It's amazing how much those tiny little stripes make the whole lamp look so current. And I love the stripped down lampshade!

  6. I love this idea!
    One question, what kind of bulb did you use so that the light isn't so harsh?

    1. I got an Edison bulb...although I haven't actually used the lamp yet...not until we're in our house can I. So, I'm hopeful it'll be fine!

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