Fun Find: Lamps

So, I found these beauties back in our old town, right before we left. I wasn't thrown off by the color at all, but really had no idea if I'd paint them or not. And, of course the $15 price tag for the pair made it almost ridiculous not to buy...

And, believe it or not...I found the perfect spot...
(Stay tuned, guys.)

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Wednesday Redo: Random Thrift Finds

If you've ever wanted to dress a shelf without creating a mess of clutter or breaking your bank, then this would certainly be the way to go...

Check out the whole tutorial over at sincerely, sara d.

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Mirror Wall (...in the works)

If you remember, I've been wanting to create a mirror wall in the dining room with all my thrifted mirrors. Here's where I am so far with that...

I love the fact that it has such potential to continuously grow.
If fact, I'd love to fill the whole wall up.

That buffet you see is from a little shop around here that sells redone furniture finds.
It was a steal!

I'm getting pretty close in here...

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Fun Find: Candle Holders

I had a fit when I came across these old candle holders.
It's hard to believe someone would actually get rid of them, but goodness gracious, I'm surely glad they did.

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Wednesday Redo: Super Cool Side Table

How creative, right!?!?
It's amazing how adding something so plain and simple can take this $5 IKEA stool to a whole new level.
Ugh. I love it.

Check out the whole tutorial HERE!

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Up on the Chalkboard

So, I've been working pretty hardcore this weekend on the dining room. Grady got the old chalkboard hung right above this old thrift bench (that I don't think you've seen quite yet). And once it was hung, I couldn't bare for it to sit empty...

My chalkboard inspiration came from HERE. Really cool stuff.

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Fun Finds: Mirrors

Another go-to for me in thrifting is a mirror.
I feel like you can invariably find a spot for them, so I've always got my eye out for a fun shape or unusal design.

I've had my mind set on a mirror wall in the dining room...maybe even one that I can continuously add to?
It's in the works...

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Wednesday Redo: Succulants & Vintage Tea Cups

I've never had a green thumb. 
However, I heard succulants are super, super easy to keep...so this summer I went out and bought a few. I wasn't as clever as these guys and their tea cups, but I'm pretty happy with them.

(Oh and, I'm sure you'll be pleased to know- I've only killed one.)

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A Bathroom Facelift

So, last week I told you about the little powder room with a tub we have downstairs. 
This is what it looked like when we first moved in...

And, here it is now.

Although I sprayed and sanded the mirror to break away from all that brown...

I really feel like it's that new shower curtain that packs the biggest punch.

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Fun Find: Chair Back?

Funny. I've had this old chair back/bottom/idk for several years now. I think I picked it up for a dollar at one of my old stores. It's been hidding beside my washing machine in the old house...hoping I'd find a good spot.  Sad to say, I couldn't ever decide exactly how I'd use it.

It finally hit me here in our new house...

This is our downstairs spare bathroom. It's tiny...basically a powder room with a tub, so it's certainly not going to take much to fill it. It ended up that the new chair bottom magazine rack was the perfect addition.

But, I gotta ask, how would you have used it?

(More on this room next week...)
Happy hunting, y'all!

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Cannonball Bed REDO

Alright...well, I do know this isn't the most original RRR project in the world (because who hasn't painted a piece of furniture?), but y'all, it had to be done. And, if I can help the one person out there that hasn't painted a piece of furniture before, then so be it. 
Let's get to it.

You may disagree, but I've always liked this style of bed...and luckily my parents listened when I told them I'd love to have theirs whenever they decided to get rid of it.

The first step I took was sanding...just enough to take the shine off really.

Next I primed it...2 coats of Kiltz.
Quart of Kiltz- $8.

Lastly, I painted...2 coats of aqua (Vaspar's Woodlawn Charm, to be exact).
Although I typically rough up anything I paint, this one I decded to leave alone (Besides the scratches I made trying to put the mattress and box springs in place by myself. Ugh.).
It's a nice change, I think.
Quart of Valspar custom color- $15.

Total cost- 23 bucks.

I'm also fully aware how blank and bare it is in here.
That's coming...


Now go check out the other cool RRR projects for this month!

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Up on the Shelf

As you walk into our new house, there are two identical built-in shelf spaces in the foyer...

It's the perfect place to fill them with all the old stuff we've collected up over the years...

not to mention a few thrift finds I've scored along the way.

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Flea Find: Old Wooden Ladder

Yet another flea market find from a few months ago, finally being put to good use... 

beacause, in my mind, if there's a crocheted blanket attached to it, you know something's right.

It's coming together, guys...it's coming together.

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