Dress up an old frame

I had a fit over this old frame at the thrift store several weeks ago.
I immediately imagined those silhouettes Mary Catherine posted about a while ago, and I couldn't wait to try one out for this frame.

After using the tutorial for the silhouette she suggested, I needed to create a new background for the frame. So I simply cut out a new backing using card stock and a piece of scrapbook paper.

Then, I glued my silhouette on top.

I've fallen in love with the silhouette idea.
You'll be seeing more of these . . .
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  1. I love silhouettes too! My mom still has ours from when we were little and I make them with my class every year when we talk about Presidents or Shadows. Parents love them!

  2. That is awesome! I really like it! I wish you lived a little closer and could come play in my craft room. We really would have fun! I have so many gadgets and tools you would like to use for your creations. Great work! I always enjoy seeing your new projects.


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