If you at all enjoy decorating, then you've been to Apartment Therapy. I'm not ashamed to admit, I've let hours and hours slip away drooling over all the ideas on their site!

Well, the other day I got up enough nerve to send them a few pictures of my own . . .

and honestly, I had already prepared myself for the rejection e-mail . . . or quite possibly no response at all.

However . . . much to my surprise, a few days later, they contacted me . . . and asked to use them for a FULL TOUR on their site!!!

I nearly fainted.

SOOOO . . . without further ado . . .

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  1. Just found your blog via the nursery post on Ohdeedoh! You did such a beautiful job--I especially love how you styled the Ikea bookcase. Would you mind if I posted that photo on my blog with a link back to you? I write a children's book blog and love to feature beautiful bookshelves. Let me know if this is okay. I'm a new follower, by the way! :)


  2. Absolutely! Thank you for your sweet comment!

  3. That is so exciting, Holly!

  4. Yay! I just read it! So happy for you!!

  5. so fun! you are THE most creative person i've ever met! you already know i LOVE your style and will be duplicating all your ideas into my new house :) congrats!!!

  6. Congratulation! It's so awesome to see a SC home featured on AT! And after viewing the pictures, I can't think of more gorgeous, deserving space.

  7. I just saw this off of the WeeDecor site on facebook that they got from ohdeedoh.com. This is super cute, cute, cute. This is so my style, but yet you have the ability to make it happen! LOVE IT!! You have inspired me to finish my kids room.

  8. Just came across your blog and read back a few months cause I was hooked!! I'm a thrifter too :) I loved reading about your ideas!! So fun!

  9. EXCITING!!!!!!!! You deserve it - your home is PRETTY!!!
    Have a pretty day!


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