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I'm thrilled to have Cailan here today from Everyday Lovely.  If you haven't been to her beautiful blog yet, then there's no doubt you'll be convinced to today!

Hello! I'm Cailan from Everyday Lovely, and I'm positively delighted to be over here at adorable Holly's cheerful, thrify-fun blog. :)
Today, I'm going to share an idea for an quick,
inexpensive {and lovely!} Christmas gift, you can make yourself:
Numbered Bottle Cap Magnets.  

First, gather yourself a little collection of bottle caps, enlisting helpfully thirsty people to contribute for a few weeks until you have 10.
Then, sort through the microsoft fonts and decided on one you like.  I liked SimSun-ExtB for it's simplicity.  I printed several out, trying to get the right size and in the end used some numbers in size 62 and some in 49ish for extra-fun variety.
At this point it would be handy to have some sort of crafty circle punch, but I have nothing anywhere near that nifty, so I just eye-balled and cut and trimmed a circle that fit and then used that as I guide for the others.
 Then, get out your Mod Podge and the whatever paintbrush you can find in  kiddos' craft cupboard.
 Brush some Mod Podge on the bottom of the cap, put the number in and then coat the top.
 Then hot-glue these heavy-duty magnets from Walmart to the backs.
At this point, I decided they looked a bit too crisp and white, so I got out some Old English furniture polish.
Added a bit of the polish to my glue plate, brushed a coat of it on top of the dried Mod Podge, and wiped it mostly off with a paper towel.  You could add a coat of resin at this point, but that would add to the cost and mine have held up perfectly peachily for months now.
So here they are:  sweet-little-antiqued-numbered-bottle-cap-magnets.
And really, since I already had the Mod Podge and furniture polish, the only cost was the magnets, which were $6 for 50/ $1.20 for the 10 I used - woohoo.

Guaranteed to make your friend's fridge {or cute chalkboard!} 
feel extra-special-pretty. 
You can find more easy-peasy Tutorials and ideas for lovely everyday living at my little blog Everyday Lovely.
Thank you very much for having me, Holly!
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  1. They are way too cute! Thanks for the idea!

  2. I have a ton of bottle caps what a cute idea. I think i might try this thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi I have been looking through all you post and I am over the moon. I love all of your stuff. I LOVE to recreate but I want it to be useful. I am have so much fun looking at all you pictures. Thanks for sharing your great ideas.

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