Christmas Card Display

I always love getting Christmas cards, and even better, looking around to see how people display them!  With more and more people using photo cards, it's honestly more like art.

What fun way did you display yours this year? Pin It Now!


  1. Oh that is so sweet--pretty draped across your windows. Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. I stapled chicken wire on the back of two large old picture frames that I picked up at a yard sale for $1 each. I have been tucking in our Christmas cards each day and have already filled them up. I love your idea as well and may use that for the overflow.

  3. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  4. love the chicken wire idea and photo frame. Also jealous of your gorgeous windows Holly to drap the cards across!!

    We have our cards clipped to a big candy cane stripe ribbon that goes from top to bottom of our foyer closet door.

  5. I put a string across the mantle. I found a box of really tiny clothespins decorated in Xmas theme at Michaels. I then hang the cards on the string using the clothespins. It looks pretty similar to what you did here on your windows.


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