Farmer's Basket Find

I snagged up this old, over-sized farmer's basket for $1 last week . . .

and, well, maybe it subconsciously came home to house all my crocheted blankets.

Notice, I did say maybe. Pin It Now!


  1. wow! What a good find. I'm slightly jealous. :) I have to tell you, I just found your blog yesterday (via pinterest). I read and read and read! I came back this morning to read more! I recently started my own blog (it's a work in progress) but I'm hoping to focus on my good finds and their transformations. I am so inspired by all you've done here! You have a beautiful home.

  2. OH MY! I just found ya on pin as well! And I am DROOLING over everything! LOL I LOVE LOVE the concept of the coffee table set up for your little ones! Is it painted with chalk board paint? Is that what I am seeing! OH MY LANTA! I think I need this! we have a little home, and that would be SO great when we have guest to have a little spot that is just theirs!


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