Up on the Mantel

Okay. So we swoon over Ross . . .
I'm not ashamed.

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  1. Hello Holly,
    Love the “M”, a fresh and clean look.
    Smiles, Paula

  2. I just had to tell you I love your home and way of decorating! Although my decorating is very different, old farm house style.....I just love yours! I am so drawn to so many different looks and styles, if I could only collect homes of every style! My husband's grandparents home is an old flat roof, retro style home on the lake from the 50's.....my dream is to someday buy it and decorate it in much the same style you have, once we have tired of farm living.

  3. You're allowed to swoon over your baby, I 100% swoon over Gregory and I'm not ashamed! Your mantel is adorable! I love the colors too!

  4. LOL! Yeah, we have places that look like shrines to our kids. Can't help it! They are just that adorable and I want to look at their smiling faces all day long :)

  5. Looks like some plans I'm having with my shutters... :) Love it!

  6. Such a cute display. Where did your 'M' come from? DIY?

  7. That M is too cute. Too bad you didn't come across an R huh!


  8. Well, I mentioned before how lucky we are to have such handy father's in our life . . . my father-in-law actually made that big letter M! It was such a wonderful Christmas surprise!


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