I'll admit, when Grady and I took our first trip to Miami, I honestly didn't have high expectations...
to be brutally honest, I'd much rather the Caribbean or some other exotic place to vacation...
but Grady's a cigar guy...and he, no doubt, anticipated the cuban vibe...
so, I went with it.

I'm happy to reveal, that trip turned out to be one of the most fun...most beautiful...and most exciting vacations we ever had!

This week, we fly out to experience it all over again...and THIS TIME, I assure you- I have much higher expectations...

(and, hell, let's be honest, if there's any chance that I can run into David Bromstad...I'm in.)

If you're interested, check out the Facebook page for a glimpse at our week!

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  1. That is where we are from! Didnt know David Bromstead lived down there ! :) Have fun! Don't miss Vizcaya Gardens, Miracle Mile shopping in Coral Gables, & if you can get to the keys- The Tiki Bar. I miss cafe con leche & pastelitos in the mornigs! La Rosa Bakery on 42nd Ave & Flagler was my fav! (not far from the airport) Take your sun screen :)

  2. i am def a HUGE fan of miami! not is is not as exotic as dome places but i have always had fun while i was there!!!


  3. Have a great trip! We have not spent much time in Miami...just for cruise departures and work for Graem, but we have some friends that lived there for a while and loved it! Looking forward to hearing about your trip.

  4. sounds like fun! tell David Hi! for me!

  5. On a daily basis I tell my husband how BAD I want to move from here (Miami born & raised), but then there are days like today when the sky is BEAUTIFUL and the beach is only twenty-minutes away and I dread the idea of living anywhere else. =)
    Hope you had fun for the second time.


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