Easy Ironing Board Tutorial

As part of this playroom redo, I (reluctantly) decided to make the ironing board part of the room...(reluctant, only due to the fact that I detest ironing).

Anyway, the original ironing board cover was, well, pretty plain Jane. If I was going to make this a part of the room, changes needed to be made...so I took it upon myself to attempt something new...and make a new cover. It was ridiculously easy, and if you've ever made child size pants/skirt before...it'll be even easier!

Here's what you'll need:
-2 yards of fabric
-2 packages of 1/2 in. elastic (sew the two pieces of elastic together- doubling the length)
-saftey pin 
-and the obvious: iron, ruler, thread and scissors

Here's what I did:
Step 1: Lay your board over your fabric...

...and make marks all around the board on your fabric about 3.5 inches out. (When you're done, you'll have little dots all around the board on the fabric.)

Step 2: Cut the fabric.
(Essentially, you are connecting the dots with your scissors.)

Step 3: Fold down and iron the fabric about half an inch all the way around.

Step 4: Fold down and iron yet again, but this time about 1 inch down.

(It'll be bunchy around the curves, but that's totally okay.)

Step 5: Sew all the way around the cover at the bottom of the fold, leaving a 2-3 inch hole/opening for the elastic you'll be putting in.

(This is what is should look like at this point.)

Step 6: Insert the elastic through the hole you left.
(Attach a saftey pin to one end of the elastic, then manuver it in your hole and all the way around the cover. This takes a minute...to push and pull it through, but you'll get the hang of it!)

Step 7: Decide how tight you'd like the elastic to be in your cover...they'll be a bit of excess elastic to cut off. Once you've determined how bunchy you'd like it, cut the elastic and sew the two ends of elastic together. (Remember it is elastic, so you can pull it out some and fit the two ends under the sewing machine to do that.)

Step 8: Sew the hole closed, making sure to backstitch on either end.

And well, because it's so pretty now...go ahead and let it be seen.

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  1. what kind of fabric do you use that won't scorch if the iron is too hot?

    1. To be honest, I didn't use any "special" type of fabric...but, I'm not so sure the fabric that was previously on there was all too "special" either. I'll have to be careful, I guess!

    2. Great tutorial Holly! To answer your commentor, I usually leave the factory cover on under the pretty fabric one. And I agree with Holly, usually there isn't anything special about the fabric on there, but sometimes there is a foil or heat resistant pad beneath. It just depends on the one you buy.

  2. I don't like ironing either, but I do love a great looking cover! Love yours!

  3. Very cute and it's got to be a lot cheaper than buying the ones at the store. They are never in a fabric that I would have picked anyhow. Maybe you should get different fabric for the holidays and that can be your decoration for the room:)

  4. My 20 year old daughter followed your easy step by step tutorial and made me a new cover for Christmas, replacing the rather unsightly one. Thanks so much!

  5. How did you hang it on the wall??

  6. I used your directions and made an ironing board cover this afternoon. It was super easy and I love it!

  7. I used to have a wooden ironingboard. I would remove the old cover, place a piece of old blanket over, and then an old doubled up sheet over that. Staple securely all round on the underside, leaving a nice smoothe surface. Worked great, and we didn't have to throw away old blankets, sheets etc...re-use, re-purpose, re-cycled. I am sure the old sheet idea would work in your design as well. Could use clearanced plastic tablecloths to make re-movable cover for seasonal change? Keep the thing clean too

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