Wednesday Redo: Thrifted Plates

I'm pretty sure there's not been one thrift store I've entered where there wasn't a stack of old plates. In fact, ususally there's shelves and shelves of stacks...

And as it happens, I've bought a few here and there.
But, of course, they've never looked this fabulous.

Find out how Anna of Angel in the North did it HERE.

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  1. Love your blog. Love your house. This plate idea is so cute! I have a quick question...you may have posted this before, but being new to your blog I didn't seem to see it anywhere....did you paint your Coat Rack in your entry the Orange color and if you did what is the color...was it a spray paint? I LOVE IT! and would like to copy this color for mine, if you don't mind! Thank you.


  2. Your link goes to her blog but not the actual blog post.

    1. Try clicking on the word "here." Let me know if you're still having problems! :)


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