The High Chair

I melted when I saw her.
Just standing there in the thrift shop...
whispering at me, "...you know you want me."

And, well, I can't deny that she was right.
I did want her.

...and 7 bucks is all it took.

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  1. Oh, I love it!! I am on the lookout for an old wooden high chair that I can paint. My husband thinks I'm crazy but I have dreams of a hot pink vintage wooden high chair for my baby girl!

  2. I had one just like this when I was a baby! I haven't seen it in over 30 years! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Omg, I probably had one of these with three with two born in the 70's! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Yeah, think I remember high chairs like this we had for our youngest daughter anyway, think for 3 older kids also. Will have to hunt up old pics of the kids in their high chairs (of which I have several and my kids are almost 53, 50, 49 and 43). How come those memories last so long. Love your very vintage high chair, great price also.

  5. My sister had the identical high chair for her son. He's 40 yrs old now!


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