Wednesday Redo: The Thrifted Wardrobe

I gotta be honest...I may have passed right by this old wardrobe if I had seen it in my thrift store. It's pretty dull and down right boring.

I never would have thought such a simple stencil pattern would have made such a dramatic difference!
How fabulous.

Get the scoop on how Amy did it at Maker Mama.

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  1. wow what a difference. Looks like stenciling was done, not any color change on wardrobe. I'd have loved to see a pretty aqua or coral on it then stenciled but I'm on a aqua/coral streak, especially during summer. Great little piece of furniture. Happy days

  2. Thanks for the share, Holly! The giant wardrobe actually came with the house--I would have walked by it at the thrift store, too!

  3. Wow that did make a difference. Looks really cool now. Nice job
    Thanks for sharing

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