For the Love of EMBROIDERY

I'm not a crocheter.
I'm not a cross-stitcher.
And, heaven knows I'm not a knitter...

Nope. If I learned something, it would be embriodery.
I've fallen in love with it.

And, it just seems shameful that I could purchase these precious, little pieces for only pennies.

One day...one day...

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  1. ooh I am a sucker for embroidery too, my collection is growing

  2. Holly---that's actually needlepoint, and there has been a resurgence in interest. (Growing up, I was required to learn all of it--needlepoint, embroidery, cross stitch--both stamped and counted, knitting, crocheting, rug hooking, and how to sew.)Of all of these, needlepoint is the easiest to learn. It's a great thing to do to "unwind," as you really don't have to think about it. (Although with a baby, you probably just want to collapse!)

    1. Well then, I certainly learned something new today! Thank you for that! I'd definitely like to learn how to needle-point!

  3. These are so cute! I've been collecting crewelwork pieces for my daughter's room redesign! I have about 7 in varying sizes and have plans for a gallery wall!

  4. You can so do this Girl. Needlepoint is easy peasy.

  5. One day I'd love to learn too, what a wonderful hobby!! Your needlepoint pictures do look beautiful!


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