The Foyer

Due to space, I don't always get out the Christmas village...

 However, this year I had a feeling it might be a hit.

and based on the number of casualties we've had so far...

I'd say it definitely has been.

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  1. I love this! We were handed down a Christmas carousel this year, that spins and plays music. My kids are about the same age as yours, and they are obsessed with watching it. They'll just stand there, mesmerized ... for a really long time! I think there is such wonder and delight in allowing them to play with items that seem so fragile and precious. Merry Christmas to your sweet family! What's funny is that b/c we know the Marsh's we got your Christmas card this year. I'm sure your holiday will be wondeful!!

    1. So true! And how funny! Those crazy Marshes! I was caught laughing in that photo!! Merry Christmas to you guys! Hope to see you soon!

  2. I loooove Christmas villages. I remember when I was younger my best friend's dad would always do a Christmas village under the tree. It was with a white sheet as snow, mirrors as ice rinks, etc. When my best friend got old enough to do it she was so precise about it, she wouldn't let anyone help! It was fun to watch though. One day I'll have a Christmas village in my home too! =]

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