The Christmas Mantel

I guess you've gathered by now I went a little brighter in the house this year...which I've loved. I really wanted longer and skinnier stockings for the mantel, but I ran out of time and ended up just buying these from Target. I'll shoot for those maybe next year...

I found this wooden star for a steal at Carolina Pottery...which turned out to be the perfect spot for those glittery globe lights I made a few weeks ago.

I ended up making 3 of those scrap fabric ornaments for the tree...but honestly, I'd love to have 10 more!

Happy Christmas, guys!

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  1. Love it all! That star w/ the lights is fantastic!!!!!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  2. Adding the first letter of each persons name is genius. I'm def. stealing that idea for next year!! Beautiful mantel!!


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