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I guess you've seen a few blog tours by now...I was tagged by Carrie over at Lovely ect. and couldn't be more thrilled! She's crazy talented and the thought that she'd think of me blows my mind! Honestly, I've been secretly hoping to do something like this for some time now. I struggle a lot wondering exactly how much info is really necessary to throw at you...and really and truly what you care to read about. I'm sure you've noticed my posts are ususally pretty forward and to the point...
I don't want to waste your time.

But today, like it or not, you get to learn a little bit more about...me.

This is us...although that baby is now an 18 month old and that girlie is in 4K...but, that was the best picture of the 4 of us I could find. (Which is truly sad on my part for allowing that to happen at this point.) This is who I'm with and what I'm doing with almost of my time. This is first and foremost where my priorities lie...and why I don't post every single day. I've got to be frank. I love to blog, but I have had to find a balance with blogging where I spend just enough time doing it to still love it. So, I thank you to the followers who have stuck it out with me even during sparse postings...

Why do I write/create?
Ha ha! I'd never call myself a writer, but I do love to create. It's funny, finding things and discovering ways to make them work in design has almost become an obsession for me now. I've stated several times that it was my mother-in-law (Annie) and my sister-in-law (Fleming) who initially introduced me to the world of thrifting years ago. They opened my eyes to a whole new way of design...something that seemed so practical and just. made. sense. ...and from then on out, I never looked back.

Now, when it comes to blogging, that actually began about 8 years ago when I started a family blog. Several years in, I realized half of my posts were becoming solely diy based...

and it was at that point that I decided to branch off and start Life as a Thrifter. I feel like everyone can bring a little bit of inspiration somehow, and it's always been my hope that the blog can do just that for at least one of you out there...

What am I working on?

A lot. Constantly. If you've been following along, then you know we've just moved into a new home...our third home, and there is literally always something to be working on right now. Although I've gotten a good jumpstart, there isn't one room that is completely done. And, what's so crazy is that as much as I SOOO want to get it all done right this second, I'm pretty sure I'd be devastated if it were.

How does your work differ from others of its genre? 
It's pretty simple...we are all different. If there is one thing that I've realized through blogging, it's that we (bloggers and non-bloggers included) all have our own sense of style.

Love it or hate it, I do what I do because it makes me happy, and I hope you do what you do because it makes you happy. With that being said, although I certainly ask for advice here and there, I'm not afraid to go out on a limb. If it doesn't work, hell, I'll do it again.

How does your writing/creating process work?
Ha ha! Usually I take a look around my house and ask myself, "And, what else needs work...?" Then, the hunt begins...if it hasn't already, that is. Thrifting in general tends to get your mind going. Many times I'll buy it and find a spot later. It's fun to have a stash of things to work with. That way, you can take your time figuring out how you'd like to work it into your design eventually. And, if for some reason you can't or you never do, so what! You bought it for pennies.

As far as the blog hop goes...I'm sorry I decided to not to play by the rules and ask other bloggers to join in. I started feeling like it was coming across as a burden...so I left it at that. I know I did this for selfish reasons...

Thanks again, y'all for check in around here. You really are the best.

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  1. thanks for sharing little tidbits about your incredibly creative mind!

    1. haha! You're crazy! I'd hardly say that! But thank YOU for taking the time to read!

  2. Like the chairs on the wall, something I would do but also realize that each of us have our own muse. I wish this was all available when my kids were young, back then, creativity might be just shared with friends. I believe I would have pushed myself further.
    Great creative outlet, I get many posts, but I always seem to open yours...

    1. Thanks for that! I really do appreciate your sweet comments! :)

  3. I seriously find all your posts and work inspiring. I adore your style. I really enjoyed this post!! :-)


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